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You still need to go up the rosslyn hill, but you an avoid the rest of them. I usually get up the hill and as soon as I cross I-66, I continue straight up past bergman's cleaners to the intersection of Lee Hwy and Veitch street (the custis trail turns right on the far side of the bridge over I-66, but I don't). From there you have an additional short uphill. I usually turn left at Adams and make my way over to Wilson. From there you can take the bike lane on wilson to fairfax, turn right on fairfax and then head over to ballston. In order to safely get onto the bluemont, you need to be on the sidwalk on the south side of Fairfax when crossing Glebe, just continue in front of the hotel on the left, then the hwy barrier wall on the right and make a left onto the bluemont.

Something like this (google maps gave west/south glebe crossing, that works too), just don't take the final turn that heads to the tennis courts and, instead, continue heading west on the W&OD.


Excellent, thanks!