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Thread: ABC's of Family Biking expo today

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    Default ABC's of Family Biking expo today

    With some BikeArlington forum member sightings...

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    Thanks, Jeff. It looks like people brought lots of different items to show. If they decide to do this event again next year, it might be a great opportunity for WABA, the LAB, BikeArlington or some other group to make a professional video to show the different bikes and equipment, along with interviews and demonstrations, so it could be viewed by families unable to be there.
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    Looks awesome. We couldn't get down there, between the distance and other Saturday commitments.

    The video looks like the type of show-and-tell we've talked about for the Clarendon Cup. Any chance we can make that happen? Seems like the first question is space. Are any of the side streets available? Who do we ask? (I'm hoping the BikeArlington folks will know...)


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