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Thread: "Worlds Fastest eBike"

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcannon100 View Post
    Any recommendations?
    Email Justin at or Paul at if you decide to go the conversion route. They are both honest and will help you with a kit based on what you need and your riding style. Paul may be hard to reach but it's worth the wait. Don't waste your time with sla batts or cheap eBay kits!

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    Are you interested in a do-it-yourself project?
    Thanks. Yes, there are good conversion kits. Seems like the two big companies are Currie and Bionix. This idea appeals to me - as the full ebike option, the bikes look like crap. I am tall and ride an urban bike. The idea of like going to Phoenix Bikes and picking up a tall urban bike frame, and then using a good conversion kit... I may go this route. And yes, the "cheap kits on ebay" worry me. On the one hand it is an expensive venture where you could end up with junk, on the other hand the people I have talked to love them - and if it works, I get to stay on the bike.

    When I get stronger, I could definitely see getting back to 100% bike commuting, but switching back and forth between bikes so I dont blow my leg out again.

    And yes, ROI is key. At $1000 say, and and WMATA says it costs me $5.20 a day to ride them (plus they are raising fairs, plus health benefits, plus being able to bike more to say the grocery store instead of using the car, plus mental health benefits of not being in the 8th ring of hell aka rush hour traffic)... that means the bike would be paid for in 192 trips. That's not that bad.


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