Central Fairfax area bike plan meeting on Thursday

The last of eight bike plan meetings focusing on different parts of the county will be held in Central Fairfax on Thursday, March 29 starting at 6pm at Daniels Run Elementary School, 3705 Old Lee Hwy, Fairfax. Technically the planning area does not include the City of Fairfax, but given it's central location and the fact that several countywide bike routes pass through the city, it makes sense that the city be included in the process.

While there will be additional public meetings, this is one of the last chances to make detailed comments on the bicycle route network, on bike parking needs, and on any bicycle-related policy recommendations. Comments need not be limited to just the Central Fairfax area.

George Mason University is located nearby and the potential for future bike use is significant. We just need better, safer bike facilities and having a good bike plan is a critical part of the process. See the Central Fairfax meeting flier and the Bike Plan website for more details.