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Thread: ESG Metrics as tool to incentive reduced driving

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    Default ESG Metrics as tool to incentive reduced driving

    Many agencies and companies are beginning to consider how the might implement best practices and metrics related to ESG (Environment, Sustainability, Governance) on the transportation front. Being the self-interested bike commuter that I am, I thought I would reach out to see if others had thoughts on how to prod my employer to measure things well.

    A bit about my employer, my building is in a bike-able location at a metro station (yay), provides indoor bike parking and a gym (yay, although this should be standard), free vehicle parking (boo), no subsidy for bikeshare (boo). While I appreciate the bike parking and gym, its clear that no one in management actually bikes to work or they might get rid of some of their dumb policies, but I digress.

    Obviously, the above are not necessarily end objectives themselves, but curious what others have seen or considered as far as what employers can measure on the ESG front. I'd like to prepared on this so that I can provide input when the time comes.

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    I work for Arlington County, currently at the Bozeman government center (Courthouse Plaza). There is free bike parking and a free gym with showers. If you drive, you have to pay (although subsidized) for parking. I get a monthly "bike/walk to work" bonus of about $40-ish. The County also offers FREE CaBi memberships. The County does subsidize mass transit and the CHP location is on top of a Metro station, though other large County facilities are not exactly close to Metro.

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