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Thread: Dangerous Bikers

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    Default Dangerous Bikers

    On Sunday July 3rd at about 5:15 pm my husband and I were biking single file in the
    bike lane on Virginia Ave. going west towards the Watergate. When it opened up at
    the intersection of 19th St. (I believe it was 19th St.) without any warning ( like a bell or
    calling out “on your right, on your left”) two bikers passed us, one on each side,
    going fast. My husband, trying to get out of their way, pulled up next to me. Our
    handlebars got caught and I fell hard in the middle of the intersection.
    They whizzed on and never looked back. I was in excruciating pain, could not
    stand on my left leg and had to be carried to the side of Virginia Ave. At one point I lost
    consciousness from the pain. I was taken to GW Hospital and am still here on July 8th.
    I have two fractures in my left tibia and on July 4th had surgery to put an external metal rigid
    device with screws in my bones to stabilize them for the time being. When the swelling recedes
    from the trauma I will have surgery to insert plates and screws, spend another 3-4 days in the
    hospital, and then begin the long, arduous recovery which could take up to a year of PT. I am bedridden,
    very uncomfortable and angry. I am from NYC and was in DC to visit my father and have no idea when I will
    be able to go home. Plans for a cherished multi-generational vacation have been disrupted as well as other
    travel plans and my daily life. The biking community asks others to consider their safety but bikers need to
    respect and care about the safety of fellow bikers too. What happened to me was because of very selfish
    UPDATE: it is Wed July 13th and I am still at GW hospital waiting for surgery, immobilized in my hospital bed.
    I would love to know who those bikers were who were in such a hurry that they could not even take the time to
    warn us that they were passing. I have been here for 10 days now .
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