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Thread: Getting to the Case Bridge (SW Freeway) over the Fish Market

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    Default Getting to the Case Bridge (SW Freeway) over the Fish Market

    Given the Case Bridge is a pretty good alternative to get to the 14th Street Bridge during tourist season, I thought I would post the route I use.

    The challenge seems to be an effective route up to Banneker Circle (between L'Enfant Plaza and the Fish Market). This set of instructions begins at the intersection of 7th and Independence (by the Hirshhorn Museum and the FAA building).

    At that point, you can ride west about 0.2 miles on Independence and then turn south (left) under the Department of Energy building on 10th St up onto L'Enfant Promenade.

    I don't like riding on Independence so I recommend continuing south under the railroad bridge and then turning west (right) onto D Street between the HUD and GSA buildings. Continue west about 0.2 miles and turn left (south) under the promenade, which is the bridge in the photo below.

    You will see the Postal Service parking garage on your right (behind the traffic cones) and the L'Enfant Plaza garage on your left. Not scenic but short.

    Stay on the left side near the median and take the ramp up to Banneker Circle and L'Enfant Plaza. The ramp is pretty steep but it is short. Traffic behind is generally moving slowly.

    At the top of the ramp, cross the road (towards the USPS building) and turn left (south) towards Banneker Circle and the Fish Market/channel/Potomac.

    Ride on 10th Street/L'Enfant Promenade about 0.1 mile to Banneker Circle and take the sidewalk to the ramp leading to the Case Bridge. You will have to hop up on the curb as there is no curb cut at the sidewalk.

    The ramp has a couple of tight turns so be prepared.

    The path on the Case Bridge is fairly wide, in good shape and protected from traffic. Generally, I only pass one or two pedestrians

    The path leads to a sidewalk behind a National Park Service maintenance facility and between the old Tourmobile building and the Park Service admin building on Buckeye Drive. Continue on that street (which does not seem to have a name) to the intersection with Buckeye Drive.

    At the stop sign, turn right on Buckeye and again right on Ohio Drive.

    Just before the bridge across the inlet between the Potomac and Tidal Basin, turn right on East Basin Drive and get on the right sidewalk or carefully salmon to the path across the 14th St Bridge.

    Happy trails!
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    I usually take that left off Independence, but I don't much like it. I'm always worried that some clown is going to come through the left lane and run me down while I wait to make the light.

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    This route makes a great shortcut around cherry blossom traffic -- which does not seem to have abated despite the blossoms' untimely passing!

    If you don't mind shouldering your bike and want to bypass the long loop around the George Mason Memorial, there's a set of stairs along the north side of the Mason (14th St) Bridge's north embankment that connect down to Ohio Drive.


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