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Thread: Parks seeks input on Anacostia River Trail System wayfinding sign design

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    Default Parks seeks input on Anacostia River Trail System wayfinding sign design

    Passing along....

    Hi folks,

    Prince George's Parks is developing a streamlined wayfinding sign for the Anacostia River Trail system.

    If inclined to view and provide feedback, do so 6/17, here (

    Melissa & the NWB-exploring cats on 38th ave

    Dear Supporters of the Anacostia River Trail System,

    The Department of Parks and Recreation (M-NCPPC) has developed a draft design for a comprehensive wayfinding sign system for the entire network of paved paths along the Anacostia River and its many tributaries.

    A website has been designed for local municipal staff and elected officials to review the draft design and provide comments. This website is also open to community organizations and others actively involved in promoting the trail system for tourism and economic development.

    The website will be up until June 17, 2022.

    This project is funded and after this period of stakeholder engagement it will move into final design and implementation.

    Robert Patten

    Trail Development Program Manager

    Office Ph: 301-699-2522

    6600 Kenilworth Avenue | Suite 301 | Riverdale, Maryland,

    M-NCPPC | Department of Parks and Recreation | Park Planning & Development Division

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    The one thing that planners seem to completely miss when creating "wayfinding" (I hate that word) signs, is that the most important function is to identify where one is. Street signs do this at every.single.intersection. They tell you the street you are on and the cross street. Trail signs should do exactly the same thing: every intersection needs to identify the trail one is on and the cross trail/street. This makes direction giving and navigation way, way easier. All the other "wayfinding," like arrows pointing to stuff, is nice. But just give me a complete system of identifiers at every intersection and that will go further to improving the signage system than anything else.

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