Come ride with us in a family friendly ride environment to see some of the loveliest places in the Hunter Mill District. The ride starts in Vienna, works through some beautiful neighborhoods, and rejoins the W&OD to go up to Reston. In Reston you'll cut through Reston Town Center over to the pit stop at the North County Government Center (lots of public art along this stretch). When you're finished there, you will work your way back to the W&OD and return to Vienna on the best maintained paved trail in the area. The total is 18 miles, but if you want a personal "extension" to see more public art or visit a brewery/bike shop/etc., let me know and I'll personalize it for you. (Tell me you saw this offer on the forum so I know you're for real)

There's a Family Ride that stays entirely in Vienna if you have little ones along who might not be able to pedal 18 miles round trip (especially with Buckthorn hill)

You can get to Vienna from parts east via the W&OD, or take the orange line and ride over to the start.

Register here:

Oh yeah -- cool socks as swag, mechanic at the start/finish, and typical start/finish goodies.

If you're curious but don't want to pay, we need a couple of bike marshals. If you want to do that, email me privately using

And if you don't want to marshal and can't afford the registration fee, we have scholarships.

Part of the proceeds go to support Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling and their advocacy work in our huge county!