There were over 250 entries in the #socks competition. There were socks with fox, socks with cow, socks with tacos, socks with jellyfish, socks with stripes, socks with polka dots, socks with a statement, socks with sandals... Socks with fish, dogs, chipmunks and even an entry with no socks!

Thanks to Chuck Pena for offering some of his swag collection, and to my fellow judges: Cathy Miller, Deb Gebhart, and Marcy Kelly. We each chose 10 favorites (blindly, no names). The 40 semi finalists were put into a bowl, and randomly selected by Henry, my Rugged Indoorsman.

Of the five finalists, one WINNER was chosen.

The five finalists were:

Donut socks with matching blue boots: TOMACSH

You Can Change the World, Girl: HOKIEBETH

Bikenetic Bridge: BOOMER

Bee Mismatch: BIANCHI BOY

Heels and Sock combo: CASEYKANE50


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