Any tallies out there looking for a new ride?

About a month ago I bought a disassembled 1986 Raleigh Portage off CL to satisfy my bike tinkering urges and to give to a friend. Those urges were sated and the bike is reassembled and almost ready to roll. However, it's too big for my friend. It's a 62cm or 63cm frame with a standover height just under 35 inches.

I'm not a bike flipper, so I'd prefer to pass this along to another bike person for a bit less than it cost me.

I've rust-proofed the frame and fork, re-packed the headset and pedals, replaced the cartridge bearings in the wheels with new ones, and given all the parts a light cleaning and polishing. The previous owner had the spokes replaced, and the Panaracer tire and tubes are new. New 7-speed freewheel, too. This one has Shimano Deerhead derailleurs and its 650b wheels were unique for the time. The frame is straight and the BB and fork threads are fine. The cartridge BB that came with the bike is in good shape, so are the original cantilever brakes.

The only iffy parts are the grungy gum hoods on the non-aero levers, and the really narrow Sakae "Randnner" handlebars. I figure these are bound to be replaced by the next owner, so I haven't installed brake cables or wrapped the bars. I'll let the next owner make it theirs.

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