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Thread: Virginia SB 362: Riding Two Abreast

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    Default Virginia SB 362: Riding Two Abreast

    SB 116 got all the attention for its absurdity, but this one is a legitimate threat.

    Yesterday's committee debate can be viewed at This bill is at timestamps from 8:30 to 29:20. (The first few minutes of the video are on SB 116, for those so inclined.)

    I don't see how anyone could honestly believe that "threading the needle" would improve safety. Brantley Tyndall and Scott Surovell pushed back with great arguments, but the premise of Stuart's anecdote could have been rejected more assertively. Don't motorists have a responsibility not to outdrive their line of sight? What if there were a stopped car around the curve, or a tree down across the road?

    Especially disappointing to see yes votes from Favola, McPike, DeSteph, McClellan, and Spruill. All of whom supported the 2021 Bicycling Safety Act which legalized two abreast to begin with.
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