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Thread: Another Cyclist Fatality

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve O View Post
    Unless he was walking his bike in the marked crosswalk, VA's contributory negligence law, discouragingly, will almost certainly find him to be at least 1% at fault.
    There's no legal requirement to walk a bike in a crosswalk. VA's contributory negligence law could easily find fault if you were hit while walking your bike through a crosswalk preceded by a flag man and followed by a marching band, with fireworks going off overhead, so worrying about what contributory negligence will do is just a depressing exercise in futility.

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    This one kinda hits home a bit. I go through that intersection every now and then, but go right, turn right again on OD, and take the first right into the neighborhood. I don't proceed if there are vehicles coming, of course. I would not want to have to cross there--too many lanes and too much speed, where one vehicle might stop but the following ones might not.


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