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Thread: Metropolitan Branch Trail Happenings

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    Default Metropolitan Branch Trail Happenings

    Setting aside the disappointment with the pause on the 8th NE section, there are a few exciting MBT developments I thought I'd pass along for anyone interested.

    1. The extension up to Fort Totten (to bypass "Big Stinky") is almost complete. The trail is paved all the way to the Green Line tunnel as of this past weekend, leaving just the small section downhill to make it complete. Looking good for them to hit the revised completion date of "December 2021"

    2. DDOT has scheduled a virtual meeting for Tuesday, November 30, at 6:30pm to discuss the 100% design for the "MBT Fort Totten to Takoma" segment. Information on that meeting can be found at The 65% design (which should provide a good sense of where things are heading) can be found at At that time, the plan called for a trail/sidepath along from Fort Totten Metro to Riggs on 1st Place, then around to 1st Street on Riggs. There would be a "on street" portion to the intersection of Blair and McDonald Place (as a long-term but hopefully not "forever" alignment, with appropriate traffic signal improvements), with a new trail/sidepath along Blair from there up to Aspen.

    3. DDOT also has scheduled a virtual meeting for Tuesday, December 7, at 6:30pm to discuss the future "Blair Road to Piney Branch Road NW" segment. (No website link yet, but they sent an e-mail notice out yesterday)

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    Thanks for the updates!

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