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Hi everyone,

I'm new here, so apologies if a question like this has already been answered (used the search, but didn't see much).

I'm commuting with my laptop frequently. I keep it in my timbuk2 messenger bag's laptop pocket (padded), and I bungie the bag into my front basket. I thought this would be a good way to go without committing to a whole new setup of panniers/rear rack, but now I don't know.

This week, my laptop has stopped charging its battery altogether. My charger is fine, my drivers are up-to-date, and after googling, it looks likely that some connection has broke on the battery charging circuit board in the laptop. (A known issue on Dell laptops)

So - my questions are this:
1. Do you think I did this on my bumpy commutes through DC streets?
2. If so, is there a better way to carry my laptop around? I'll probably need to be changing up my setup a bit anyway for rainy days.
3. Or, should I just switch to a more robust piece of tech? (Could work on setting up a cheaper tablet to get my work done, which might commute better, if be a bit more annoying to work from)

The charging ports break so often on some Dell laptops that I keep a stock of replacement parts for this problem. Itís probably not your carrying solution, rather the barrel connector flexing when the charger is connected that damages the socket.

Dell will charge you $200+ to fix this but you can usually buy a $15 part on Amazon or eBay and replace it in 20 minutes.

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