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Thread: Bridge out on Wayne Andersen Bikeway (IE the trail in 4MR park in Alexandria)

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterw_diy View Post

    My question is, why doesnít Alexandria put aside ďrainy dayĒ money to expedite infrastructure repairs. And itís not just small infrastructure - just yesterday ArlCo+Alx announced new capacity reductions on the W Glebe bridge over 4MR that was identified as unsafe back in 2018. Seems like each time we act surprised and have to wait for the next budget cycle to do anything more than erect barricades.
    Massive infrastructure needs backlog. Schools, city hall repairs, all kinds of things. You mention "rainy day fund" Big stormwater issues ( not only the CSOs) and some folks think every spare penny should go to accelerating fixes (I don't agree but this isn't the place for that discussion)

    Meanwhile we at BPAC are advocating for better resourcing of the complete streets/vision zero efforts.

    Theres a lot to do. More hands helping with advocacy are always welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterw_diy View Post
    In this situation I think itís likely that the biggest culprit IS the parks department
    In that case the stupid is just painful. (In fairfax they generally blame the utility trucks.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstone View Post
    In that case the stupid is just painful. (In fairfax they generally blame the utility trucks.)
    This photo is from July 1, first day of the fiscal year, more than a month after the City learned of the bridge damage. Thatís a City trash truck driving into the 4MR trail from Edison St.
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    An update on the replacement of the bridge.

    - funding for design has been approved
    - funding for the bridge replacement was approved in the FY2023 CIP budget. Fiscal Year 2023 begins in June 2022
    - analysis of existing conditions to be conducted in May, with final report to city manager in June.

    Email from city below

    You are receiving this email per your request to be included in the Four Mile Run Trail Bridge Stakeholder Group. Since the update provided in the Fall of 2021, the City has:

    Approved funding for the design of a replacement bridge;
    Awarded a contract for structural analysis and design recommendation. This preliminary work is underway:
    Within the next two weeks (weather permitting), the contractor will perform analysis of the surrounding bridge soils and embankment to determine if existing bridge abutments are structurally sound and can be preserved; and
    Preliminary analysis will continue through May with a final report and replacement recommendation received by the City in early June; and
    Funding for the bridge replacement is included in the FY2023 Capital Improvement Budget proposal for approval in May 2022.

    City staff will provide an update to the community following receipt of the report. Based on the outcome of the analysis two options exist:

    If abutments cannot be maintained, the final design phase will consist of designing slope protection, replacement abutments, and the installation of a new prefabricated bridge; and
    If abutments are determined to be structurally sound, the final design phase will consist of the installation of a new prefabricated bridge in place of the existing bridge structure.

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