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ISO a bike mechanic in Winchester.

Hi, Iím an occupational therapy student with Shenandoah University. I live in Arlington but Iím doing a rotation at a site in Winchester where Iím working with adults with autism. One of my clients has a bike that has had a rear flat tire for a couple of months now. Other than walking, itís his main form of transportation so Iíd like to help him get that fixed. Heís been to the bike shop there in Winchester in the past but didnít have a good experience, so he will not go back there. Iím looking for someone who knows/works on bikes that lives in Winchester (where the bike is located) and could help him out by making this easy repair for free or a very low cost. If you know of anyone or any place (like Phoenix Bikes in Arlington) that could help us help him, please send me a message! Thanks. Email: