I saw this PoPville post that describes a lady being screamed at on the CCT near the Key Bridge.

I notice two men approaching me and shouting drunkenly in the dark (coming from Georgetown). Living in dc for 5 years I (sadly) am pretty used to this and so I ignore them and put my chain back on. Then I notice they are sprinting towards me and yelling “turn off your light you f*cking n****r” over and over again. I quickly jump on my bike and start biking but they get really close and one of them raises his fist at me about to strike.
Just want to note for the record that I had something very similar happen to me about the same time of night this winter. I was biking up the trail, not far from the bridge, when two men walking toward me screamed in a very threatening manner to turn off my light -- I got the feeling they might have been living rough along the trail. Definitely they were not mentally OK and they seemed potentially violent. Luckily I was moving reasonably fast. It was worrisome enough that I avoided the trail at night for a while, and maybe will start again.