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Thread: Good bike fitter sought

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    Default Good bike fitter sought

    Hello friends,
    I have a bike buddy who has had some back issues. She loves to ride, but it can lead to back stiffness and pain. I think a good bike fitting can help.
    I know many of you swear by Clovis out at Green Lizard. Who else? Anyone closer in to DC?
    And in particular, a fitter who is good with physiology. She is looking not so much for someone to make her fast and efficient as someone who can make her comfortable and be able to ride without pain.

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    I would try Proteus in College Park, though I can not personally speak from experience on bike fitting. They're just good bike people

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    Well I got fitted on a bike at Proteous a few years back and it was fine. Also recently got fitted on a bike by Smiley and it was fine too.

    Neither resolved my lingering issues, but Smiley referred me to a PT.

    If I go for another bike fit I'm going to find someone that also does some physical/mobility/flexibility assessments or specifically looks at feet, as I have a suspicion that's where my issues lie.

    If I was going to go back to either Proteus or Smiley I'd choose Smiley but I thought they were both good.

    I've also seen Bike Doctor in Waldorf recommended a lot.

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