We had a number of worthy entries this year, although the lack of travel limited the opportunities for truly epic efforts to get that daily ride in. Still, your collective determination and creativity are impressive. Please, please read this year's entries: http://bikearlingtonforum.com/showth...eferrerid=7474 You will not be sorry.

Most impressive, to me anyway, are this years winners Carol Calhoun and CBGanimal.

Carol showed extreme creativity and determination not one but twice trying to get not only rides done late at night, but photos for the POINTLESS daily photo contest. Going the extra mile for a pointless side contest to a silly riding contest is what this prize is all about. And, as her first entry makes clear, she is willing to to put her whole body into the effort and her second entry reflects the kind of determination that makes this country great. Please, please read her entries.

CBGanimal also showed great grit and determination by using a child's bike to overcome a mechanical and then enduring multiple mechanicals on that bike to get the job done.

Well done Carol and CBGanimal, and all of the other entrants.

Carol and CBGanimal, contact me directly and tell me your bike-related charitable cause and I will make a donation in your name. And thanks for making me laugh!