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Thread: An Ode to Freezing Saddles

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    Default An Ode to Freezing Saddles

    My poem is dedicated to you, the courageous souls, who brave Winter's dangers and exciting challenges. Though written a few years back, you may find a picture of yourself today within these humble lines of verse.

    Ode to Freezing Saddles

    Deep inside a winterís night
    An alarm clock screams with all its might
    The sunís not up and the wind is howling
    Like a grizzlyís roar or a tiger growling

    You want to roll over and stay in bed
    But a voice says, ďGo!Ē inside your head
    Snow is falling and the window rattles
    Yes, another day of Freezing Saddles!

    You slowly pull the curtain aside
    It may be freezing, but itís time to ride
    Outside is many a wintry mile
    Across your face spreads a thin wry smile

    On with the base layers; on with the Gortex;
    Gloves and booties for the Polar Vortex
    Blinkies are lit and the headlightís aglow
    Itís time to head out in to the snow!

    Black ice or powder, it matters not
    Because youíll give it all youíve got
    Knobbies or studs on front and back
    On wooden bridges you find your track

    So you take to the streets and leave the trail
    But here itís just another tale.
    Speeding cars all in a rush
    Are splashing salt and slinging slush!

    Just when you think youíre going berserk
    You finally make it into work
    Coworkers cast a jaundiced eye
    As their kitted office mate walks by

    Backed up workís on your desk in piles
    ĎCause at lunch you rode those extra miles
    Turn off the computer; lay down the pen
    ĎCause now itís time to head out again.

    Itís still as cold as a witchís ÖÖnose
    Soon youíll have those frozen toes
    The winter sun is a low red arc
    And now youíre riding in the dark

    ďWhy do you do it?Ē friends want to know
    Itís cold, itís dark; and thereís so much snow!
    ďWhy donít you drive or take a bus?Ē
    ďWhy arenít you like the rest of us?Ē

    Sometimes you ask yourself the same
    Who is it here that is to blame?
    Is it the challenge; or the thrill of a quest?
    Or teammates for whom you do your best?

    What is the answer? You search your heart,
    What is it exactly that sets you apart?
    Words canít do justice; why even try?
    How will others ever understand why?

    Itís making the first tracks on new fallen snow
    Itís the thrill of going where few choose to go
    Itís excitement and danger that fills a need
    Itís your beating heart when you pick up speed

    Itís the rhythm of your pedals, thighs and knees
    Itís the full day ride and the lunchtime sleaze
    Itís the joy in your lungs of cold crisp air
    Itís the awesome silence that feels like a prayer

    Itís the beauty of the sunlit snow
    Itís the thrilling challenge that makes you go
    Itís a pledge that goes on and on for weeks
    Itís the permanent glow upon your cheeks

    Itís beating your best on every ride
    Itís the roaring fire that burns inside
    Itís the frozen night where bright stars soar
    How can you tell them all this and more?

    Now, everyoneís leaning forward to hear
    Why do you do this every year?
    So you tell them the answer from deep inside,
    Saying simply, ďIím a rider and I like to ride.Ē

    So, when winter serves up its icy dish
    And warm fingers and toes are but a wish
    You forget the pain and open your eyes
    All around you is the ultimate prize!

    Dave Pomeroy
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