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Hello fellow Honey Badgers! This is Kurt from the Falls Church/Tysons area. I'm Bent Bike on Strava and bentbike33 on this forum because I ride recumbent bikes exclusively. Ordinarily, I would have a daily commute to downtown DC, but COVID has me doing a set of loop routes I've developed (Jorge is an admirer) of approximately the same length as the round-trip commute. I usually ride in the morning before telework, which was a great idea all summer but may need reassessment during Freezing Saddles.

This is my sixth Freezing Saddles, the last 4 I have managed to ride at least a mile every day. My goal this year is to ride at least a DecaSleaze (10 miles) every day and leave no bonus points behind.

I sponsor the Loopy for Arlington pointless prize for riding the Arlington Loop of trails. I play a few of the games like reporting on wormholes. I am a regular at the Hump Day Coffee Club (HDCC) Wednesday mornings at Best Buns in Shrilington (although this year we just buy coffee and pastries at Best Buns and sit outside nearby). Stop by HDCC sometime if you can. I usually get there about 7:30 and leave before I get too cold.

I have found Strava Team Posts to be a good way of communicating during Freezing Saddles.
I'm down with communicating through the Team Strava posts. Love your dedication to the games.