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Thread: Pointless Prize Thread 2021

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    Default #Wikipedia20 wrap-up

    Thanks to everyone who participated in my rapid-fire no-warning #Wikipedia20 pointless prize: consularrider, Catedrew, camiller, Serdar, kbikeva, SteveO, and CBGanimal. I also feel like I should give a shout-out to drevil, who was a prolific poster of Wikipedia links via the photo competition.

    And the winner is Catedrew, whose post about great uncle Charles R. Drew sucked me into a Wikipedia rabbit hole of local and national history!

    Catedrew, I'll message you about getting your actual tangible pointless prize!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Char Miller View Post
    I propose a pointless price for visiting and photoing (and pointing) to the four points (corners) of the DC boundary.

    Even more pointless prize for pointing out all points in one pointless ride.
    Char Miller, did we ever get a list of winners for this? I'm trying to put together a spreadsheet of all the prize winners for the final Zoom happy hour, and this is one of the few I'm still missing.

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