As you all know, Freezing Saddles is all run by volunteers. Because we don't want to get all the requests for help about everything, we're posting a list here of who is in charge of what. The link from each name goes to a form to send a private message to that person.

Freezing Saddles website: obscurerichard

Team assignments: chuxtr

Pointless prizes: accordioneur

Forum sticky: Henry

Registration: cvcalhoun

Freezing Saddles Last Night Hains Point Party 2021 (FSLNHPP) and calendar: Steve O

As usual, we will be soliciting helpers for each function during registration. Carol will give the leaders of each function access to all the submissions, so they can solicit help as necessary. Also, if you volunteer to help with a particular function, we would encourage you to contact the leader shown above, using the private messaging function on this forum, to see how you can help. For those who aren't familiar with all the functions on this forum, you can click on the name of the person to write a private message to that person.