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Thread: November 2020 Road and Trail Conditions

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    So this morning I went by this circle and there were plantings all around it. Looks really pretty now and those shrubs are tiny now, but they will soon block any views trail users might have. This new traffic "feature" is a set of crashes waiting to happen. The circle is much too tight for any reasonable speed (three paths are downhill to the circle, so coming to a near stop is just super annoying). If the east bound users keep cutting to the left rather than going around to the right (I have seen school buses do this on the roads too, so no one knows how to use these circles. great), that is going to get bad.
    Can we force the designers to use this regularly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnoftheDread View Post
    Silly design. Everyone in DC knows traffic circles need traffic lights.
    And a Wendy's!


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