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Thread: Northern Virginia Families for Safe Streets Near Miss Survey

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    Question Northern Virginia Families for Safe Streets Near Miss Survey

    Hi all. I was unable to contact a moderator in advance to approve this post, so I will just post it and hope it is deleted if not appropriate for this forum.

    Anyways, Northern Virginia Families for Safe Streets is currently gathering information about "near misses" - events where a bicycle narrowly missed being hit by a car in an intersection, or where a bicycle and a pedestrian nearly collided, for example.

    Our concern is that many incidents are not reported to police, and so simply relying on police reports to identify problem intersections can underrepresent the true risks to pedestrians and cyclists. Hence this survey to collect information that has not been previously captured, so that we can identify the locations most in need of safety improvement.

    If you've been involved in a near miss, we would greatly appreciate your completing the survey. The survey can be found at:

    Answers to a few questions that may arise:

    1) We are interested in events that occurred in Northern Virginia right now, so a near miss in Georgetown would not be relevant. If someone who is NOT a resident of Northern Virginia was involved in a near miss in Northern Virginia (i.e. an Adams Morgan resident is nearly hit in Ballston) we would be interested in that information. Our focus is the location of the incident, not the residence of those involved. We are focused on Arlington, Fairfax County, and Alexandria.

    2) If your "near miss" was an actual collision (i.e. car taps a cyclist) but the incident was not reported to police, that counts as a near miss for our purposes. Please go ahead and submit it in our form

    3) The form is open through the end of October, 2020.

    Thanks everyone and stay safe!

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    nothing to report now, thank goodness. Just wanted to say this is perfectly appropriate to post here. BTW, I am on BPAC, and know Mike Doyle. There are quite a few folks on this forum who are connected to Alexandria FFSS, and I guess some of the other Families For Safe Streets groups.

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