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Thread: Rider (me) attacked by dogs and bitten -- Charles Co. Md.

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    Default Rider (me) attacked by dogs and bitten -- Charles Co. Md.

    Yesterday, while out riding with 5 friends, two large dogs rushed into the road and attacked me in Charles County. I was bitten by one of them on both legs. No sign of the owners anywhere. I high-tailed it down the road a few hundred yards, out of "range" of the dogs, and called 911.

    EMS and sheriff's office responded to my 911 call. We re-grouped at the Pisgah General Store--EMS took me and my bike there. Hats off to Charles County EMS.

    The deputies found the dog based on my description--later confirmed by text-message photo--and it has been ordered into quarantine for 10 days of observation. I'm following up with my doctor about all the rabies protocols. I have two deep puncture wounds from the bites, and got those attended to at urgent care. Oddly, it didn't really hurt. I think I was primarily in disbelief that it had happened. I've been riding for 40 years, and I've been chased plenty of times by dogs, but never bitten. It used to be much more of a problem when it was common in rural areas for people to let their dogs run. Usually slowing and addressing the dog in firm, loud voice gets them to back off. Not these two.

    For reference, the incident occurred about a 1/2 mile north of the Pisgah General Store, on Mason Springs Rd. We were doing an ersatz Indian Head Century. After being bandaged up by EMS, I rode the nine miles back to the start point.

    Be careful and alert out there... I saw the dogs in plenty of time, but it didn't matter. At least I kept control of the bike and didn't crash.

    I'm currently playing phone tag with an animal control officer assigned to the case, and weighing options. Primarily I just want to resolve the medical issues and put this behind me ASAP.
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    Did you try to dismount and put your bike between you and the dogs? I know it's hard to do with more than one animal.


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