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Thread: Peition for Safer Sligo Creek Trail crossings in Prince Georges County

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    Default Peition for Safer Sligo Creek Trail crossings in Prince Georges County!

    "We're calling on the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) to implement bicycle and pedestrian crossing improvements at Riggs Road (MD-212) and East West Highway (MD-410), which intersect with Sligo Creek Trail and nearby highway corridors.

    The popular Sligo Creek Trail crosswalks at state highway intersections present a significant threat to vulnerable pedestrians and bicyclists as a consequence of inadequate signal facilities excessive driver speed for conditions, substantial crossing distances, several multi-threat travel lanes, exposure from high vehicle volume, lack of shoulders and center median (MD-410), and obstructed crosswalk visibility. In short, these crosswalk systems are compromised.

    We request the following suite of Safe System elements be implemented by SHA to provide adequate crosswalk safety:
    •Narrow travel lanes
    •Remove visibility obstructions and barriers
    •Build a pedestrian island refuge (MD-410)
    •Extend bike lanes (MD-212)
    •Implement a road diet (MD-212)
    •Implement context-driven safe speeds
    •Upgrade crosswalk beacons

    These Safe System elements work together as an ensemble to keep vulnerable crosswalk users and drivers safe. These changes are important for safety, to address equity and land use contexts, and to recognize Sligo Creek Trail as a major part of our transportation system."

    Here is how Riggs looks:!8i8192
    and here is East West Highway:!8i8192
    (Of course, neither photo was taken during high traffic times, when things get very exciting. In fairness, many of the drivers are helpful but the road setup is dangerous and drivers sometimes get hit or honked at when they stop for people trying to cross.)
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