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Thread: E-Bike Lovers DC - Saturday, July 11, 2020 E-biking from Peirce to Veirce Mill

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    Lightbulb E-Bike Lovers DC - Saturday, July 11, 2020 E-biking from Peirce to Veirce Mill

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    We follow COVID 19 social distancing guidelines

    For the E-bike Lovers group to be successful, we need to grow our membership carefully. Please feel free to invite other E-bike lovers, spread the word and let's have fun.

    As usual, non-assisted bikers are most welcome.


    We use Meetup for the registration for this event:


    Join us on Facebook for the latest E-bike news in the region:

    Easy going

    This is an easy going group and we are not training for the Olympics. We bike around 12 mph and enjoy navigating the hillsides with our modern marvels of transport technology. The group is a great way to share your experience with an E-bike.

    Everyone is welcome, including riders on non-assisted bikes.

    Plan 2-3 hours for each trip. You can stop at any time and return home. There is no requirement to finish the trip. We organize the trips to have fun, to be outdoors, to get exercise and meet other wonderful people.

    Normally, we will wait at some points of interest to give slower riders an opportunity to catch up. On nice weather days, we plan for lunch halfway the trip. This is another great opportunity for riders to catch up with the group.

    A great opportunity to learn more about E-bikes

    Learn more about E-bikes from those who actually use them daily or weekly. What is their experience? What to avoid when you are in the market for an(other) E-bike? How to manage batteries? How to integrate your E-bike with navigation systems? How to secure your bike with locks and register it online? These are just some of the questions you may ask other members while we paddle.

    I have no E-bike. Am I welcome to join this group?

    Absolutely. Everyone is welcome.

    Weather and cancellation

    There is never a bad biking day, there are only bad biking clothes. We plan to bike year round, also in the winter (but within reason). With the right clothing and protective gear, this can be a great experience.

    What you need to know

    We always follow traffic rules and stop for stop signs. Safety and fun first.

    We will use biking lanes (class I permissible) as much as possible, but will frequently ride on roads with other traffic. You need to feel comfortable doing this.

    You join us at your own risk and you are responsible for your own safety.

    We follow COVID 19 social distancing guidelines
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