Greetings from Seattle! I'll post elsewhere some updates on how things are going on here, but I did finish a bike video that was filmed in the DC area last time I was in town (November 2019).

I did a redux version of my Bike the Metro: Purple Line video from 2016 that goes to each stop on the future Purple Line in Maryland. I used my new footage and incorporated comparison shots to show the construction progress from April 2016 to November 2019 (biggest change is the 16th Street-Woodside stop which replaces a strip mall). I, um, ran into some issues when my bike camera's battery ran out with a few stops to go, so the last bit of footage is me trying to hold my phone steady as I rode the final parts.

Here's the video:

P.S. I miss y'all, and I'm sad that I had to cancel my trip to visit in April (air travel is not a smart idea right now, plus my parents with whom I'd be staying are both seniors, so we mutually agreed it was not worth the risk). I rescheduled my flights to September, so fingers crossed things are more under control by then so I can actually come.