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Thread: Support for a velodrome?

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    Lightbulb Support for a velodrome?

    Steve Andruski from the Rockville Bike Hub here. I know there have been attempts to get support for a velodrome in the DC area for a number of years. I just pitched the idea to the City of Rockville. They have stopped using RedGate Park for golf and the land is not currently being used except as a park. I think building a velodrome on the part of that park near the entrance and current clubhouse would be a great use and would not take up that much of the available space. It would be a great attraction. I also suggested using other parts of the park for cyclocross races. If anyone is interested in supporting these ideas, email me at Also if anyone knows if any part of the previous DC velodrome effort is still active, please let me know, especially if you have a contact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swandruski View Post
    I also suggested using other parts of the park for cyclocross races.
    A little late to the party... There was a cross race held there last year.

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