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Thread: Happy Last Day of Freezing Saddles 2020!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonflycrk View Post
    First-year participant here! A few highlights for me:

    “Drawing” a manta ray in Arlington on Dave Pomeroy’s Strava art ride! This is something I’ve always wanted to do, so I was thrilled that Freezing Saddles brought about this opportunity. Thanks so much for making that happen, Dave! I would love to participate in more of these in the future, so please keep me posted. After the ride, Dave also guided me on my first journey over the Memorial Bridge. (Somehow while bike commuting for 6 years, I just never rode over it before!)


    dear dragonflycrk,
    Glad to hear you enjoyed our ride. I did, too! Riders like you are the success story of Freezing Saddles. It's such a joy for us oldtimers to see newbies to FS get involved and embrace the challenge. You are welcome to join me on future GPS Art Rides. I'll post them in advance in "Events". None scheduled for now, but there might be one in April.
    Hope to see you on the trail, Dave

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    I'm new to the FS party this year, and want to thank everyone who makes this happen. I heard about it late in 2019 from some cycling friends/participants, and thought 'why not? I ride most days'. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I'll be back.

    My thoughts:
    1. Amazing website for tracking & the forums are so active (no way did I keep up and you see I'm writing a week after the end
    2. So impressed with how many people rode everyday; my hats off to them, and I never would have guessed it to be so many.
    3. Speaking of daily riding, I got really lucky with the weather (was it Winter?) since I wouldn't just go out in the rain for fun (I missed 4 days for a work trip, but, amazingly, was able to ride the rest).
    4. The pointless prizes are awesome and entertaining (I chuckled upon discovering the term "London Bridging")
    5. I never would have guessed I would be "park hunting" daily for two months (I got sucked in fast and needed a Google Map & XLS to keep up
    6. I'm sure Lynn & I will not be on the same team next year
    7. Looking forward to meeting some people in real life after the craziness simmers down

    Hope everyone enjoyed FS as much as I did. Stay healthy and safe. Let's hope they don't ban outdoor cycling during the lockdown; otherwise, life is good!

    See you on the road (from a socially acceptable distance for the foreseeable future!) -Kris

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