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Thread: Bike Reimbusement Programs - Are Any Other Federal Agencies Offering?

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    I'm another one of those who uses metro just enough to make the metro subsidy much more worthwhile than the bicycle reimbursement program. Rather than reimbursement, I'd like to see Federal agencies become more bicycle friendly by working on things like indoor bike parking, showers, and getting management to encourage bike commuting. I have those benefits at my office, but I know others don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FFX_Hinterlands View Post
    Liz, ask 5 other bike commuters to email the same question, then you'll have given it a good try.
    That is a good idea, but complicated. Most of the bike commuters I know are moving to our facility in Rockville in a couple of months (only accessible by car). At the same time, I'll be moving to our main building across the street so I will have to figure out who my fellow bike commuters are at that facility. But I will hit them up.


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