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Thread: Road brake lever angle?

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    Looks fine to me. You’re not going to be looking at your stem angle while riding, and neither will anybody else. As long as it makes you want to ride it more, and you don’t feel like you’ve unweighted the front end, go for it!

    “Aesthetics” are subjective. My own two cents is that whatever you decide, consider a polished stem and spacers, to match those lugs and headset. I think it’d look a little more cohesive than the satin finish there now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrenaut View Post
    Just looked it up, and it's a 58. My Bianchi is a 57, so maybe it is just setup and not actually too big.
    I’m not sure how Bianchi measurements compare to other “standard” sizes of other brands but I can tell you Pinarello’s sizing is way different. I ride a 49-51 cm in my various Specialized models (depending on gender-neutral or WSD) but my Pinarello Dogma F8 is a 46.5 cm. The Pinarellos are notorious for sizing “big” so you need a substantially “smaller” size in Pinarello than you do in another more standard-sized frame.

    But I agree on stem length and angle. I’ve got stems as short as 70mm with no issue at all. Also, you can adjust reach of most brake levers now (adjustment screws and wedges and such). I have that as well since my “dainty” little hands and fingers don’ have the reach of most.

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