In honor of Presidents Day (2/17) and George Washington’s birthday (2/22), I’m starting a Pointless Prize for visiting — by bike, of course! — the most George Washington*** things, e.g. buildings, statues, parks, paintings, towns, circles, bridges, etc. In honor of International Women’s Day (3/8), Martha Washington things will count, too!


  • Photos preferred and highly encouraged, but not required! E.g., you can visit something like George’s portrait at the National Portrait Gallery and not worry about convincing security to let you take your bike inside (although I’d love to see someone try!)
  • For your ride to count, please use #george or #martha and include a short description of what you visited. Feel free to also post to this thread (but not required.)
  • If a location has both George and Martha things, you can only count the ride ONCE (so pick one hashtag or the other.)
  • Please note for multi-stop rides: Given how ride tracking works, you will need to end your first ride at the first place, and then start a new ride from there to the second place to record both on Strava.
  • George Washington things outside the DMV area DO count, so feel free to be on the lookout if you’re traveling! He really is everywhere.


  • The very special prize will be awarded to the person who completes the most rides (#george + #martha).
  • Tiebreaker will be my vote for the most unique/off-the-beaten-path place.


Stay tuned for a belated-George-Washington’s-birthday group ride to some iconic spots in early March (which could include at least one #beerneuring, #coffeeride, or #FS2020tacoloco stop).

***Yes, sadly, our first president missed the invention of the bicycle by about 20 years, but I think he would have been a fan.

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