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Thread: Law Enforcement Action re: Distracted Driving

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    Default Law Enforcement Action re: Distracted Driving

    I was headed out of DC this evening on M Street, just before the Key Bridge. Traffic was completely stuck and I couldn't filter through thanks to a car (also stuck) coming out of an alley and blocking a couple of lanes of traffic.

    A police officer stepped off the curb, passed right in front of me and walked over to the car next to me. He said in a very firm tone, "Put it down!" It appeared the motorist was reading email on a smart phone. The man rolled down the window and the officer repeated his command. The man started to protest (!) but the officer said, "I don't care. I want it out of your hand" while motioning him to put it down. After the officer repeated his command a couple of more times, the driver finally set his phone down.

    I thanked the officer.

    (Side note: can you imagine arguing this point with the officer?!)


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    He should have ticketed the guy, full stop.

    Glad to see the cop taking notice and doing something about it though; unfortunately the driver probably picked it up a few minutes later and resumed reading/texting.

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    Most people put them down and hide them when a cop is nearby. I've never heard of anyone actually flaunting it and attempting to argue about it. Should have just tazed him.


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