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Considering drivers knock down lamp-posts on the sidewalks all the time I doubt that lamp-posts built in the middle of the road will have any chance at survival.
I wasn't even talking about the lamp posts, though those are bad enough. Really, they could be on top of the really thick concrete wall rather than off to the side. Might need a different and less decorative base, boo hoo. If DOT prioritized sidewalk users over road users they could stick with the ridiculous lamp design and just flip the concrete bases around to stick out in the road instead of sticking out in the sidewalk. I wouldn't worry much about whether the solid lumps of concrete could survive being sideswiped by drivers who don't know where the right edge of their car is. Now, look at the black crash barrier at the end of the ramp to the right that blocks the sidewalk. It's there so drivers who miss the road won't get hurt. Then look at the big slippery (and bumpy, on the welds) metal plate and lumps of quick patch right in the path of someone approaching the narrowed sidewalk. Those are fun to ride on, especially when it's time to stop. Of course, you might not have noticed the crosswalk since most of it is covered by a big metal plate and what's left is mostly faded paint. That paint is the only thing in that picture that was done specifically for people not in cars. The other crash barrier with the black and yellow chevrons doesn't actually impact use of the sidewalk (but only because the stupid lamps already narrowed the sidewalk on that side. But, that barrier costs more than DOT spent on any pedestrian facility for that stretch of road, and they probably have to replace it at least annually. (Because drivers can't seem to avoid running into black and yellow hi-viz barriers.)