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Thread: Clever Caption Photo competition Pointless Prize - FS 2020

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    Default Clever Caption Photo competition Pointless Prize - FS 2020

    So ya think yer funny? Prove it!
    Once again I am sponsoring the Clever Caption Pointless Prize, in which photos from Freezing Saddles participants are posted and you, dear competitor, devise clever and funny captions to go with them.

    I will create a separate thread for each photo. I will post a new one at random intervals, every week or two. The end date for submitting a caption will be around the end of Freezing Saddles, depending on the date of the Happy Hour. All photos will remain open for new captions until the end, so if you think of a good one a month from now, submit it.

    Note that the FS website only captures the first photo from your ride (and no photos at all from my rides for some reason). I may or may not find time to browse through other photos on Strava rides. If you see a photo you think deserves to be considered, please PM or email me and let me know. That said, oftentimes the photo itself does not have to be funny; it just has to have some sort of potential, which is hard to define.

    IMPORTANT - Make sure your caption is actually funny--not just to you but to others. Feel free to test it on friends and colleagues first before posting here. If they declare it lame, it's probably lame. Since the deadline is far off, there is no need to hurry your submissions, and you have time to tweak them to perfection.
    For inspiration, here are links to the last two year's finalists:

    Last year's finalists

    2018's finalists

    Links to the individual photo threads will be added to this thread.

    Photo 1 thread
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