On Dec. 3 The Arlington Urban Forestry Commission sent a largely unsubstantiated letter to Arlco accusing MTBrs of high crimes and misdomeaners. Basically the Commission took a bunch of pictures from Brandymore Castle - and accused MTBrs of killing trees.

A copy of the letter can be found here https://www.facebook.com/arlingtonmountainbike/

There is everything wrong with the Commission letter. Suffice it to say, however, that if the Commission is concern that it is losing volunteers - I think the cycling community is here to help. The cycling community has a long standing precedent of helping on the WOD with light give aways and Phoenix Bikes fundraisers - of helping with trail clean ups and Judd's Friends of MVT - of Cranksgiving and of the emergency disaster bicycle thing.

It is also true that this is the very reason - not to ban MTB - but to establish a relationship with MTB and MORE. MORE is skilled at building and maintaining trails that have conservation and the enjoyment of nature as a core value. MORE knows how to build trails.

I find little credibility in the Commission's allegations. But if Arlco needs help maintaining trails - Cyclists volunteer - and MORE helps maintain trails in Lake Fairfax, Wakefield, and other parks. We are glad to be part of the solution

A response is being drafted and we encourage y'all to sign on.