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Thread: 2020 Freezing Saddles Registration is open!!!

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    Exclamation 2020 Freezing Saddles Registration is open!!!

    There are some new features this year, so please read to the end of this post. There will be a test! (In other words, if you don't read these instructions, you may well not end up being registered, even if you submit the form.)

    If you want to be a Friend of BAFS (previously known as a Slacker), do not register. You only need to do two things to be a Friend of BAFS. (We're very friendly!):

    1. Go to this link to authorize Freezing Saddles to read your Strava miles.
    2. Go to this link, and join the Freezing Saddles 2020 Strava club.

    If, on the other hand, you want to compete in Freezing Saddles, here are the things you will need to do before registering, with links on where to do them:

    1. Read the sticky at the top of this forum topic, so you know what you're in for. There is at least one change to the rules this year, and we want to make sure everyone is familiar with the rules before deciding whether to sign up.
    2. Become a member of this forum.
    3. Make at least one post on this forum.
    4. Sign up for Strava.
    5. Join the BAFS 2020 Strava club.
    6. Authorize Freezing Saddles to read your Stava miles.

    You'll then need to fill out the registration form. (If you read this entire post, you will find out where to do that.)

    After registering, you will get two e-mails. One will confirm your registration details. The other one will have a link for you to click on to confirm your e-mail address. You must click on that link in order to be registered. That e-mail may go to your "Promotions," "Social," junk or spam folder, so check there if you do not receive it. If for some reason you cannot find it in any of those places, please e-mail me at, to prevent having your registration deleted.

    In January, you will either need to attend the first happy hour (which will be in mid-January) or check this forum after the first happy hour to find out what team you are on. You will then need to join that team's Strava club.

    Notes about registering:

    1. Registration will be open from now until the earlier of a) 11:59 pm on December 24, or b) when 250 people have registered. Any registrations submitted thereafter will be accepted only at chuxtr's discretion, e.g., to even out teams, or make up for people who fail to show up or get injured. Please don't wait to register until December 25, and then get mad because you're not registered. Similarly, if you have friends that want to participate, you'll need to stress to them that they need to get their registrations in early to be sure of getting on a team.
    2. The list above shows you what you need to do before registering, after registering, and in January. The registration form also has links to do the various things you need to do to register (e.g., being a member of this forum, and making at least one post). Do not ignore these things. If, for example, you have not made at least one post on this forum before registering, your registration will be deleted without warning. The same goes for failing to click on the e-mail to confirm your address (or e-mail me if you don't get that e-mail).

    Congratulations, you made it to the end of this post, and now get rewarded with a link to the registration form.

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    Of the 38 people who have registered for Freezing Saddles so far, five have failed to confirm their e-mail addresses. Just to reiterate what is on the post above, the sticky, the registration form, the page you get to after you submit the registration form, and the e-mail you get after you register (seriously, people are missing all this?):

    Once you submit this form, you will receive two e-mails. One will confirm all of your registration details. The second (which may go to "Promotions," "Social," "Junk," or spam) will require you to click on a link to confirm consent to receive e-mails from us. Note that if you do not click on that link, you will not be registered for Freezing Saddles 2020. If you do not see that mail in any of the mailboxes mentioned, please send a private message to cvcalhoun on the forum to let her know, so that she can add you to the mailing list manually and you will not lose your registration.

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