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The zipper-pull fans narrowly edged out the ankle-band fans, so zipper pulls it is. Look for them coming to a happy hour near you in 2020.
Last Wednesday pm I was driving on I think Seminary road at 5:45 pm when a coupla bikes passed us in the bike lane and the 2nd one sported a shiny green Freezing Saddles zipper pull tag! Made my day!

So clearly they are a great thing. I was blown away that my car headlights picked up that tag! It wouldn't have picked up an ankle band because the bikes were already ahead of us. I have a FS tag on my saddlebag in that same place.

But it's wearing out! And I don't have one for the 2 new-to-me bikes I've acquired since a few years ago when you last did tags. So and thanks for doing it again!

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