RE: More Americans keep dying while walking. Even more carnage lies ahead.
The number of people killed while on foot in the United States reached its highest level since 1990. Fatalities of people walking on the street is expected to increase in many states, despite safety efforts.

Read in McClatchy DC Bureau:

David Lightman,

So many things are correct in this story…. except for the conclusions.

Everyone is jumping up and down about “safety efforts” as though it’s a priority. NHTSA has $1B to spend. Only we are NOT allowed to talk about better road designs or increasing penalties for drivers, both of which might actually prevent deaths. Every dollar of every campaign seems spent on telling bicyclists and pedestrians how to be more defensive. Budgets for bike lanes are still woefully underfunded. Vision Zero plans are mocked. Meanwhile, cars get bumpers that might not kill people as quickly and more gadgets to entertain kids and distract the drivers.

The story is typical. Lots of hype, lots of reinforcement of car culture and blaming the victims, no meaningful action.