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Thread: Favorite stops in/around College Park?

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    Default Favorite stops in/around College Park?

    A friend who lives west of the city has never been on the Anacostia trail system, so we are going to ride the trails tomorrow starting near the ballpark. I figure we will probably stop in or near College Park and need some lunch. You folks got any favorite stops for food and drink up that way? I've spent almost 0 time in College Park other than tailgating for UMD games so I'm unfamiliar with the options.

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    I don't know the area that well either but Franklins brew pub was a decent place to stop and hang out the few times I've been through on various rides up there. It's not far from the ART

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    Resident here. I mapped a bike route that starts from Lake Artemesia going south along the Trolley Trail to some of the more popular eating areas in College Park through Hyattsville:

    • First up, I put Ledo Restaurant, which is the transplant of the original one. This is in the "heart" of downtown College Park, and there are quite a bit of restaurants around there. I like Ledo's, but there's nothing that stands out too much here. Bike parking is meh.
    • Next stop is Denizen's Brewing, which is in a new development in Riverdale Park. I've been there once. There's a Whole Foods and a few other restaurants there also. Bike parking is decent, but no stands directly in front (that I remember).
    • Third stop is Banana Blossom in Riverdale. Vietnamese cuisine, I really like this place, but asian food is my favorite in general Good bike parking stands right out front.
    • There's the small plaza with Busboys and Poets. I like this place also, but it can get crowded. Bike parking right out front.
    • Franklins, as LSG mentioned, is a place where many stop by when in the area. Decent food and they have their own beers, which I've never tried because I don't drink <record scratch/>. Good bike parking stands right out front.
    • Vigilante's a great spot for java. Hyattsville hipster haven though Bike parking stands in front.
    • Finally, at the end here is Pizzeria Paradiso. Good pizza and beer, or so I've heard for the latter. Good bike parking stands right out front.

    EDIT: I noticed that you asked for favorite spots. For a mid-ride lunch, I'd go to Paradiso or Banana Blossom for food OR if you want more atmosphere, I'd go to Franklin's or Busboys. If you want to avoid chains, skip Paradiso and Busboys.
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