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Thread: Jump Bikes issue

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    Default Jump Bikes issue

    PSA: Jump Bike's systems seem to have gone haywire. I rented a bike at 8:55 last night. I returned it at 9:45. I carefully locked it, but the app still showed the trip as ongoing. I pulled on the lock to make sure it was really locked, and it was. I then reported through the Help function that I was unable to end the ride. The ride is still showing as not having ended now.

    Also, the app showed me as having reserved a bike a 32-minute walk away, even while it was still showing me on a bike. (I'm going to ride two at once?)

    I called and reported both of these problems. They told me that their systems were having problems. They promised that I would be reimbursed any charges over my actual ride time. They also successfully eliminated the fake reservation. However, if you are using a bike today, you may want to note the end time and use the Help function if the ride does not show as ended in the app.

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    More adventures with Jump bikes:

    Today, 20 hours later, the trip had still not ended. By then, I was afraid that even if I eventually got a refund, they would have taken hundreds of dollars which I might not get back for days. So I called again. This time, they assured me I would only be charged for the 45 minutes.

    Then I went to take out a bike today. The app showed a bike in a park near Gallery Place. I walked all the way around the park, checking both sides of every street surrounding it. It was not there. I refreshed the app to see whether maybe someone had taken it. Nope. App still says it's there, even though it isn't.

    So I walk 8 minutes away, to another bike. The good news: It is there. The bad news: The gears don't work, so it is stuck in the lowest gear.

    My first thought is to bike over to another (working) bike. But of course, if you have a bike out, you can't see any other bikes. So I call Jump to find out where another bike might be. After a long time on hold, I get someone. They tell me they have no way of knowing that. Really? Anyone can see that on the app, but you can't see it from the Jump offices? Who developed that nutso system?

    So then the guy goes to end the ride. He notices I have supposedly been on yesterday's ride for 20 hours now. I explain that I have now called that in twice, and put in a support request through the app once. He is finally able to end that ride.

    But he also ends the ride I'm on, saying he has to do that to put in the repair request. I beg him not to, because doing so leaves me stranded in a strange part of DC at night. Nope, he doesn't relent.

    At least now, I can see where the nearest other bike is, so I reserve it. And I also discover that even though he has ended my trip, I can still ride the bike I've been on. It has no e-assist and no lights, but at least I can pedal it the few blocks to the bike I have reserved.

    I get to where the bike I have reserved is supposed to be. It isn't there. And of course, I can't see on the app where any other bikes might be, because I already have a bike reserved.

    So I call again. During yet another long wait on hold, I decide to give up and bike to Metro, still on the bike with no lights and no e-assist. But on the way, I see another Jump bike. The guy finally picks up, and I get him to cancel the reservation so I can take out the bike I am now standing next to.

    So I'm finally on my way! And the bike is working perfectly! Until I get all the way up to Van Ness and Wisconsin, and the e-assist dies.

    The good news is, it's at least reasonably flat to get to Tenleytown from there. So I bike to the Metro station, lock up the bike and call in the repair.

    The bad news: We are now up to five calls, each of which has involved several minutes on hold, plus two support requests through the app. And I have still gotten only as far as Tenleytown, not Friendship Heights.

    The more good news: By the time I finished, I had enough Uber cash to cover my ride home from Medical Center station.
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