I am looking for riders to help me clean up and rebuild the "Bridge Spot" under the 695 overpass by Capitol Hill and Navy Yard. For those that do not know, this was a spot with various terrain features that was previously semi-sanctioned by the DC government, had to be torn up for a freight rail project, and has never fully recovered. What used to be a skate/bike park with jumps and edgy graphics has become a blank concrete slab with well-funded political graffiti and glass bottles. I say the bikers take this spot back!

Some perks of this spot:
1) Cost: FREE! Just show up and work
2) History: Used to have jumps semi-sanctioned by DC gov
3) Rideability: Directly underneath 695, never gets wet
4) Location: Within 2 blocks of 4 metro lines in center of town, soon-to-be most populated neighborhood in DC (high end), right next to a Whole Foods and a dog park

I envision something similar to what Seattle did with their I-5 Colonnade bike skills park. It's a perfect spot for a pump track for otherwise un-used space. This used to be a cool spot, but as the adage goes, "use it or lose it."

I rode at the DC Bike Party last night (I was the ONE guy on a BMX) and there are a bunch of talented kids that I think would definitely help out to be a core group. Please pass this along if you know anyone that may be interested.