As some of you may know, I am part of DC Tri which makes me a 1/3rd cyclist. ;-) We have a fun fall foliage ride coming up Sun Nov 17 with pies, cider, and a winery stop if anyone would like to join. A little bit like the WABA cider ride except in Montgomery County.

We also have an off-road multisport seminar coming up Mon Nov 11 which will cover things like Cyclecross, off-road triathlons (there's one in Maryland every year that involves mountain biking), and Adventure Racing.

And are gearing up for the New Triathlete Program next year with a Tri Weekend Fri Nov 15 - S17 involving Swim + Tacos, Bike + Brew, and a Run + Brunch. If you have an interest, come on out. Everyone here already has the biking and probably the brew part down!