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Which isn't the same thing as "does the hit and run law apply". Note the language of the statute quoted talks about being "involved in an accident". What's the legal meaning of "accident" in this context? It's not in the definitions section, but later the section talks about "person struck and injured" or "vehicle collided with" or "other damaged property". It does not talk about "person who caused someone else to hurt themselves whilst trying to avoid a collision with the first person". If nobody was struck or collided with, does this statute apply? \_(ツ)_/
In this case, the person collided with the ground.

I'm not saying which way a Virginia judge would come down on this, but it's a reasonable argument. Just like if a person were driving the wrong way down a highway, and other drivers struck barriers or trees while avoiding the wrong-way driver, I would make the argument that the statute applies. The cars (not even persons) collided with barriers/trees.