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Thread: Pedestrian Killed off Shreve Rd Falls Church

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    Default Pedestrian Killed off Shreve Rd Falls Church

    Ok, not cyclist, but an area where lots of us ride, Shreve and Hickory near the W&OD. Maybe the recently repaved footpath heading to Mike's? The woman who died came into the Foreign Service in my wife's orientation class.
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    Exclamation Pedestrian killed near BIke Path - at bend by Shreve road (Hickory)

    Yes, the woman (Ms. Bernstein-Zabza) was killed by a driver with a stolen pickup truck. He was driving wildly erratically. His fast speed carried him completely into the painted sidewalk; The 14 year-old walking with her survives. The painted area is on the outside of a curve with no guardrail. The driver came to the intersection of Shreve and Pinecastle - just a few feet from the Shreve road bike crossing. He chose to turn left towards Falls Church. About 10 seconds later he collided with the pedestrian, then ran into a power pole, disabling the truck.
    Btw - that driver is being charge with murder.

    The pedestrians were taking a break from the swim/tennis club (near the Shreve road bike crossing) to go to Lazy Mike's for an ice creme.

    This is relevant as citizens have been pushing VDOT for years to improve the safety of Shreve from the bike crossing to route 7. Hopefully having someone killed will spur them to action.

    I myself hate that bike crossing. Yes, 99% of all drivers slow-down / stop; ... it's the 1 percent -


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