I just registered and this is my first post.

I currently ride an entry level 2007 Fuji Absolute XL for exercise and I want to upgrade to a bike that is faster, lighter and has better components. At 69, I am not looking to race, just increase my riding frequency, distance, pace and conditioning. A new bike with my desired upgrade features exceeds $1,000. I have searched Craig's List for something used and found a refurbished TREK 2000 Road Bike (aluminum frame) whose size fits my requirements. Pictures (and the seller) indicate it is in excellent condition and the replacement components are the well known Shimano 105 Groupset (shifters, front & rear derailleurs, brakes). Rims and tires are a high end brand. My guess is this model is a late 80's to early 90's bike. Asking price is $350.00.

- Is this an appropriate bike for a man my age who is in good health, somewhat athletic and has no physical restrictions?
- To your knowledge, are there any issues with this model that I should consider before buying? Is its age really a factor if well maintained?
- The bike has been on Craig's List for 28 days. That tells me no one is jumping to purchase this bike (despite its Excellent Condition) at the $350 price. What is a FAIR Price that I should offer the seller if the inspection and test ride proves it is worth buying? What is the maximum I should pay?

Thank you for any guidance you can provide. I look forward to being an active participant on this Forum.