Please join us for the Alexandria BPAC Meeting at the Oswald Durant Arts Center, 1605 Cameron Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 on Monday, July 8th 7 to 9 PM. We’ll discuss highlights from the recent Walking and Biking summits, and upcoming activities and events. Monday’s agenda provided below.


1. Introductions and Welcome – Jim Durham, Chair
2. Alexandria Police Liaison Discussions – Lieutenant Mike May
• Updates on recent crashes involving people walking and biking
• Alexandria Police Traffic Safety initiatives
3. City of Alexandria Vision Zero and Complete Streets Program
• Complete Streets project updates provided separately
4. Project/Event updates
• BPAC Bike mentoring program – Josephine Liu
• BPAC Water tour and Presidential History rides - Josephine Liu
• Well Ray Festival /SWAG discussion – Mary-Jane Roth and Ken Notis
• Bikeshare Community Partners Program update – Jim Durham
• Seminary Road Complete Streets Project status – Jim Durham
5. BPAC Business items
• Secretary’s report and minutes – Josephine for Zack DesJardins
• Financial Update & 2019 Dues Report – Treasurer, Erin Meter
o Budget Update
• 501(c)(3) Update: Josephine Liu
o BPAC Bylaws approved by BPAC officers June 20th
o Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRS Form 1023 EZ) submitted June 26th
• Subcommittee Reports
o Events Subcommittee – Judd Isbell and Randy Cole-Co- Chairs
o Legislative and Policy subcommittee – Zack DesJardins, Chair
o Education subcommittee - Eldon Boes
o Infrastructure subcommittee – Ken Notis, Chair
o Communications – Judith Fogel, Becky Puritz, Andrea Kirk and Bob Trencheny
6. Public Comments/New Business:
• New BPAC Logo – Casey Kane
• WABA update: WABA seeks new Advocacy Director; staffing update

Bike and Pedestrian Calendar – Please join us at one or more events!

• Saturday, August 10th, 6th Annual Kennan Garvey Memorial Ride, (Phoenix Bikes’ fundraising ride.) Registration and more details at
• Monday, August 12th 7 pm to 9 pm BPAC Monthly meeting at the Oswald Durant Arts Center
• Monday, September 9th 7 pm to 9 pm BPAC Monthly meeting at the Oswald Durant Arts Center
• Saturday, September 14th, City Council Public Hearing